Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fakesgiving Visit

So the kids and I went to Jersey to visit family for our Fakesgiving Dinner last week. It was AWESOME! I had cousins come from Boston, Seattle and Georgia. I don't know that so many of us have been together in over ten years.

Thought I'd share a few photos:

This is the most important photo of the visit. Pop-Pop McCorriston with all of his 9 great-grandchildren. So sweet, and not one of them fussed. We were all amazed.

All of the cousins and their kids.

The Zube clan.

Keenan having a goodbye chat with Aunt Jaclyn before she headed off to Germany for work.

Keenan and Dad (Pop-Pop).

Keenan and Aunt Kerri.

Mom (Mom-Mom) holding my cousin Wendy's son, Jack, and Dad's girlfriend, whom the kids call Jo-Jo, holding Keenan.

Cora Jane and John (Pappy).

Keenan and I and my cousin, Wendy, and Jack!

Mom-Mom, Keenan and I.

Playing on the swingset in Mom-Mom's yard with my cousin, Dan's, kids.

Mom-Mom, Pappy, Keenan, Cora, Stan, Kayla, and my cousin Dan's daughter, Alexandria, and son, Arlo.

Mom-Mom and the kids.

Mom-Mom, Pappy and the kids.

We had a wonderful time!

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